This is a reply to the open letter I received from my future unknown wife

By Sir Mwangi Kaguku

Dear Future Wife,

Although I don’t know you yet, neither do I have any information about what you are up to, you are always in my mind. I am concerned about the kind of “my wife” you will be.  Your character today is a reflection of my ambitions, remember? And society will judge me depending on the choice I will make. It really matters to me since I am not ready to ever regret later in life and I have a character to defend.


It’s true that I would like to marry a lady who respects her sexuality. A girl who has not offered herself as an escort to my fellow older men; the alternative sexual conquest for dissatisfied men already in marriage. As I commit myself to living right, I would like to let you know that I respect sex as our language of forever, committed love……. I have lived to this.

Dear future wife, don’t expect to marry a virgin but spend your entire youth-age hoping from one pub to the other and snatching your ‘mother’s’ husband for your own gratification. I respect and admire your beauty. Yes! But there is much more that I want from you. I want you to be a mature, modest and decent girl who respects other people’s sexual lives.

Don’t arouse the language of sex just because you are of age. You may be the talk of the town but I see no harm if you choose to be patient. Patience has never killed. I want you to really love me when the right time has come. For your own sake, [……. which is of importance to me…..] don’t put yourself to the risk of pregnancy. Don’t even ever think of raising your kids without a dad. His presence really matters. Control your actions when you can.

When I see you with that old man in the most expensive restaurants in the city, it makes me feel insecure. When I see you waiting in the cold to be ‘picked’ by that recent model of car in town, my heart grieves. In fact, I am not sure you will be any better in your late age. Ignore what your peers will tell you. That you are not a real girl without a “sponsor”. That you cannot understand the language of sex which you have no idea what it is like. Never assume that you are only doing it once, twice or for a moment and later change. Change now while time allows, if you are already into it.

Remember I am the only man who will matter in your life when you will have made up your mind. I am ready to forgive your past experiences now. I have in fact let it go. But I am not sure I will forgive you when you do it right before my eyes later in life.

One day, someday, we shall meet in our exclusive closet and commit to love one another. Where our love shall grow, blossom and flourish forever. I want to meet the prepared you, dressed more expensive than in crystals and pearls. That my heart may find trust in you. An everlasting confidence in security. A girl who will have made a conscious decision to wait till marriage. I want you to be prepared for self-control. It starts now. To me, that is decency and sexy. The most beautiful side of your story.

I have tried to live right. It’s working! I have abstained from sex all my past life. I hope you have done. I have met girls I can go to bed with but I have always thought of you. I have respected our union. I want it to be holy. I am sure at this time men have made offers to you. Tempting ones indeed. Maybe you have thought of taking up the opportunities but you have realized the benefits of self-control. Not easy for us. But the choices we make now will make or ruin our marriage, may it be made stronger.

I want to present to you a full package of our gift. That we may open it together. Our exclusive language; sex. It will be ours only and not for everyone we knew and who we will know then.

Thanks for waiting for me as I wait for you. You will not regret.

Is that much to ask?



Cc: Your fellow girls.

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I have always been a Lover of Stories. They indeed are a healing art. My desire is that the bold strokes of my writing shall leave lasting impressions on the souls of my readers. That these stories will grow us as much as we grow them. It is an honour to be indulged in caring about words that have meaning, breathed into life via the labourious Love of a writer! Gracias!
  • Mwangi Kaguku

    Thanks Luciey for sharing.

    I received a letter from my future wife. It was challenging, eye opening and a motivating factor. This is just the end of the beginning. We got to fight through all vices and stand by virtue of uprightness

  • Dennis Kim

    @Mwangi Kaguku.
    Thanks for replying by on our behalf.
    Thumbs up.