love imageThe pair will be seen walking along grassy patches hand-in-hand, laughing and smiling as they look into each other’s eyes. The green grass is lush and warm beneath their bare feet and they bow to the temptation to curl their toes in it. Fluffy floating clouds dance across a blue sky, the kind of blue I have coined Romantic Blue, so dark is it in intensity that you just can’t help but stare in awe. The birds swing from tree to tree and make a tempo in the flutter of their beating wings and the melodies of their fluty notes. The flowers are in full bloom, releasing their fragrance to the mellowing of the soul, and once in a while she will bow to pluck one and inhale, looking intoxicated. The soft breeze will blow, soft and languorous, swinging in its wake the heightened compulsion to enjoy every single second. As the orange orb of the sun dips in the Western horizon, the two will stare at the natural beauty, perfected in the artful deliberate work of a Loving Mastermind.

He will look down at her and believe that the gleam of the fading day has enriched her splendid colour and heightened her beauty. He will clutch her tiny waist and swing her in a slow short dance to which only they are privy to the melodies thereof. The bench at the park gives her an opportunity to sit next to him and inhale his manly scent, leaning against his shoulder to feel the absolute brush of pure unadulterated joy. She will look into his eyes and see her future. Her heart will be beating so fast in beats that lock her away in her own world; drowning out everything else but him and her together in a little corner of their own paradise. She will gain energy simply from the smile he shines her way. Her face will be suffused with a quiet glow elicited by his presence.

The voice of love is compelling; whispering, murmuring even, never ceasing in its intent to invite the soul to wander for a spell in the depths of companionship. The heart labours to lose itself in the wholesome maze of belonging. The persistence of this feeling will render it authentic, coloured in beautiful undertones of passion and bold strokes of indulgence. Then one falls in love, as we humans are in and have been in the habit of doing since time immemorial. He will press his suit with an earnestness and ardour that leaves nothing to be desired, pursuing her with a singleness of purpose. This in the full knowledge that many maidens had caught his eye but only she had caught his heart. He will fight to win her love and gain her affections, fully comprehending that faint heart never won fair lady. Then shall her heart open up to him like the petals of a rose flower, warming up to him upon the realms of love and romance. Then he will understand that some individuals settle for quiet lonely lives, marred by dark memories of the last time they tried and infected by the intense fear of rejection.

The test of time will highlight all the inconsistencies and weaknesses she once called cute flaws, and they will blow up in her face as gross misconduct. He will learn that love is not a buffet where you pick the best of everything and leave the rest. It is like flipping the switch only to settle for the shadows in the silhouette. They will learn to embrace each other as they are, with all their many perfect imperfections. For daily we grow to become ourselves, casting aside the fictitious self, a garment we don to appear in the eyes of the world, and the mask we masquerade in. It indeed is true that Love is the force that takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without and we know we cannot live in.

I submit to you that the road of life is one constantly under construction, rough and dreary in its meanderings through valleys and over mountains, but the view from the top, once you get there panting and heaving, is amazing. For only those who have gone through the darkness of the valley can appreciate the sunny peaks of the mountaintops. What of the way of love? It is a mystery, set to surprise us at every turn you think that you have finally gotten a hang of it; where everything seems to hang in the balance. How then would you explain the mysterious yet powerful urge that would compel one to passionately pursue another person’s affections? To some, love reveals itself with seeming prose, creeping softly into one’s side like an old friend through quiet ways, falling upon you like the softness of sleep. You wake up someday with a dumb smile tagging at the corner of your lips at the thought of one whose light has illuminated such gayness into your heart. To others, love is fireworks; it storms into their hearts with pomp and blare and takes the reins, unrelenting in its intensity and unflinching obviousness.

The journey of love is alluring. Two souls, each prone to its own way, meet and move from friendship to relationship to matrimony. They journey from an innocent ‘How do you do?’ to a passionate ‘I Do!’ When such a mesh of souls happens, what words can suffice to explain this mystery called love? Sometimes, the joy could almost choke you at the thought of the strength of their character and the beauty of their persona, at the thought of having pursued one’s affections to be blessed by winning over their heart. You then experience the inexplicable mysterious feeling of your world being complete, of the pieces of the puzzle falling neatly and perfectly together, of seeing a long stretch of the future with open eyes, knowing that together you can jump over any huddle that comes your way. Love is fragile, and we are not always its best custodians. Ours is to muddle through and do the best that we can, hoping that this fragile and delicate thing will survive, against all odds. You will have the privilege in marriage of continually pursing each other’s affections and hencewith joy in being another’s happiness. You will learn the selflessness in putting another’s needs above yours and experience in a richer and fuller way the joy of loving and being loved back. There will be mornings of bliss and evenings of romance, and a lifetime of continually doing simple things that make your spouse know that they’re in your mind and soul.

And such is Love, like sparkling speckles of gold dust that fly, gracing one with a brilliant glow that feels like the first intake of the fresh breath of freedom and the first stirrings of heart throbs.

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I have always been a Lover of Stories. They indeed are a healing art. My desire is that the bold strokes of my writing shall leave lasting impressions on the souls of my readers. That these stories will grow us as much as we grow them. It is an honour to be indulged in caring about words that have meaning, breathed into life via the labourious Love of a writer! Gracias!
  • Mwangi Kaguku

    How do you do? I do!

    Nice piece Luciey,… I can feel that environment.

    • luciey ngotho

      Thank you. it’s pretty cool, right?

  • John Kalya

    Woow amazing idealistic and realistic symphony of love…

    • luciey ngotho

      I hope it does exist. Maybe it shall find me, or I shall find it