To All the Girls who’ve been Raped Before



Dearly Beloved,
it wasn’t your fault
don’t let them guilt you
with questions of what you were wearing, what you were doing, with that person
broken people tend to break others
perhaps his broken self, perceived a strength in you
and he wanted to lean in
only that he thought he would draw your strength, by breaking you

Dearly Beloved,
your body is beautiful
curves. hips. breasts. firm butt. scented valley down below.
when he grabbed you
breathing heavily into your ear, hammering his body into yours
I can see your tears, feel your pain
And I’m sorry it happened to you, I’m sorry you were the target
of the force of his male strength

It wasn’t your fault
that your tears did not move him, that your screams were drowned by his loud grunts
that those feeble hands trying to push him off you, were roughly bundled above your head
It wasn’t your fault
that all you could do was lay beneath him
listening to his grunts, assaulted by his breath, drenched in his sweat, counting the number of thrusts
it isn’t that your NO wasn’t firm enough, loud enough, assertive enough
it wasn’t your fault that he looked at you and liked what he saw
That your body is ripe. supple. soft. appealing.
That he wanted to spread his hands over the smooth planes of your hips
That he wanted to cushion his head against the ample pillows on your chest
That he wanted to fill his hands with the surprising softness yet firmness of your butt
see, we believe the best of ourselves
but sometimes we draw out the worst in us
lust opened the cage of the monster lurking within him
Perhaps he was raised right, Perhaps the word RAPE once left a bitter taste in his mouth
he’s just a broken man who was unable to control the bulge between his legs

Dearly Beloved,
There’s strength in the way you got up and got dressed, took on life with grace and dignity
There’s grace in the way you decided to live, smile, love again
You are not a Rape Victim, you are a Rape Survivor, better yet a Rape Warrior
And the distance between the two horizons is
strength. courage. grace. growth. femininity. dignity. beauty.

And don’t think he got away with the impunity
Your crying face is forever imprinted in his mind
Your screams and sobs haunt his dreams, whether he’s asleep or awake
He stops whenever he hears the word STOP, coz that’s the word you kept repeating
While he robbed you off your innocence, tried to strip away your dignity
And his worst nightmare is that perhaps someday he will have a daughter
And KARMA may decide it’s time he showed up
Or perhaps he will have a son, who will open the cage of the monster his father once unleashed

You are a lovely girl to whom something bad happened
Pain attempted to squash your feminine spirit, trauma tried to make camp in your mind
How strong you are, OH DAUGHTER OF THE SOIL
That you have refused to let this have the upper hand, the final say, in the glow that is your life
How graceful you are, in continually opening yourself to love, to life, to joy
Like it never happened to you
Or rather, like the way it happened to you but did not break that vivacious and strong spirit

Other girls are beautiful
But you, Dearly Beloved
You are beautiful, not in spite of what happened to you
But because of what happened to you
You glow, You came out broken yet whole, strong and dignified, on the other side of darkness
They say time heals all wounds, I say we choose the path to our own healing

There’s grace and strength in the way you live your life
Like a maiden beauty. Like a warrior princess. Like a woman who gives fully of herself to the world
The way we women always have, always will

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I have always been a Lover of Stories. They indeed are a healing art. My desire is that the bold strokes of my writing shall leave lasting impressions on the souls of my readers. That these stories will grow us as much as we grow them. It is an honour to be indulged in caring about words that have meaning, breathed into life via the labourious Love of a writer! Gracias!
  • Mwangi Kaguku

    Thanks Luciey for giving hope to the victims. And yes, they are beautiful only bad thing happened to them.

    The path to healing is intentional but requires such motivation.

  • Kamau Hosea

    Wow! wow! Am so inspired, every word is worth its place.