In the distant horizon, I see a glittering prize




Much has been said about the political arena of my nation.  It has been called a dirty game that attracts like characters. It has been dubbed bloody. The political arena of my nation has been plagued and haunted by the ghosts of ethnicity and corruption since time immemorial.  Ghosts that have proved elusive in any efforts to exorcise them. The gladiators in this arena have emerged men and women devoid of character and honour, and indeed history has proven this. They have been driven by personal gain and selfish self-actualization that places the interests of society in the back seat. These men and women have created division along ethnic and tribal lines among my people. Now, one is only identified by affiliation of tribe. They have declared themselves ethnic warlords and chiefdoms. They have entrapped the minds of the masses by misguided and backward political ideologies. It is a poison that has been injected into the bloodstream of the political arena of my country. It stifles growth in all its forms and manifests in the protruding bellies of the so-called political leaders. They speak in anger in their ethnic language so as to inflame the emotions of the masses. They hoodwink their people and hide behind sweet words that hold empty promises; promises that blind us as to the critical state in our nation. These are the leaders who bring their ethnic masses to the national political mortgage market, hypnotizing them and preventing them from thinking of and on themselves. It is ignorance in action. They give schooled opinions on critical issues. It indeed is true that the most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

These hyenas in our political arena have devoured our nation. It seems to have lost itself. Remember when it was called a hotbed for terrorism and violence? Now its fame has spread as the mother of corruption and impunity the world over; A free corruption zone.  The social evils in my nation have increased hundred-fold. And the politicians of the day are leading in this. Enemies of the people and enemies of progress that have turned political groups into cartels with godfathers; Cartels that rule with glee and arrogance. The government of the day and the watchdog opposition are actively involved in the business of name-calling and finger pointing: hurling accusations and counter-accusations back and forth to the energized tempo of crazed fans. Fans who forget that they are citizens languishing in poverty, disease and ignorance.

My people have gotten into the habit of rationalizing temporary comforts over years of deprivation and backwardness. They choose to elect men and women without integrity into public office by virtue of the size and depth of their pockets; pockets that are weighted with embezzled funds and corruption fees.  Money that has been grabbed from the small tax payer with great impunity. Let them know that the wealth of the nation must eventually be enjoyed by the people.  Citizens sell their votes in the face of a now, betraying the future of their children and society in general. Realizing not that their vote is their democratic tool of change, exchanging their aorta for a quarter. They vote in politicians who sell themselves on cheap promises as ‘ A MAN OF THE PEOPLE’. The politicians of our day have ensured that ethnicity is ingrained into the mind of every Kenyan from a young age. Election into public office is not due to merit but due to ethnic and political affiliation, aided by their godfathers. My people vote hyenas in sheep clothing into public office and expect them to guard the innocent sheep of the pasture. They are entrusted an entire nation and they bring it to its knees with their greed and clamour for power and wealth. They submerge my people deeper into the mire of poverty, hunger, ignorance and disease; and my people suffer together. The health sector comes to a standstill. They embezzle health funds and leave the common mwananchi wallowing in pain and the depths of sickness. Doctors demand a pay rise and take to the streets. Students in universities are denied capacities for intellectual growth and enhancement when their professors down their tools. Public service and community growth become a non-issue. We live in a nation where we learn from a young age to fight for our rights; In forceful demonstrations and downing of the tools of service. A country where people see corruption; the leaders love it and the masses accommodate it. Everyone aspires to join the political arena and get a piece of this national icing. Nobody seems to think of the posterity of tomorrow. The politicians they voted in will not be seen till the next election season. My people will clamour for attention and cry out against the evils of society. The impunity of theses supposed leaders will increase with each act they get away with.

We as a people have forsaken our identity; an identity that is wholly and purely KENYAN. We have allowed these immune leaders to define us and drag us along the muddy and bloody well trodden paths of corruption, ethnicity and deprivation. We have refused to chart new paths of political ideologies that take on men and women of integrity who stand on principle. We have refused to chance the future of this our nation in their hands because they have no money to throw around to compel us to board their boats. We, the masses and the people of my nation, have failed ourselves. We have allowed half-educated self-centered people to corrupt our morals, kill our unity and destroy the throb that has always beaten as PROUDLY KENYAN.  It becomes necessary to see the truth as it is if you realize that the only vehicle for change are these people who have lost their personality. The first step therefore is to make the Kenyan come to himself; to pump back life into his empty shell; to infuse him with pride and dignity; to remind him of his complicity in the crime of allowing himself to be misused and therefore letting evil reign supreme in the country of his birth.

It will take educating the masses and enhancing the world of academia, to raise intellectuals who shall not be swayed by unintelligible thinking and uninformed political dogma. Intellectuals who shall  gain wisdom and therefore be emancipated from the here and now.  The politicians of a latter day who shall be entrusted with the vision for a greater and grander nation.  A nation where people shall  live in cultural, political, religious and economic diversity and integration. A vision of a nation that shall climb the heights of recognition in Africa and the world; Recognition from peaceful elections and national cohesion, recognition from battling corruption and ethnicity in a bloody match and emerging victorious, recognition from raising intellectuals who shall take the world of Academia by storm, recognition from community growth in provision of public services, recognition in a vibrant and able health sector, recognition in national security and increased tourism activities and above all recognition in raising legends in leadership and in the political arena who shall show the world the meaning of integrity and honour!  A vision to picture a nation that seeks the best in each other: Combining the industry and money-seeking attitude of the Kikuyu, the energy of the Luhya, the lifestyle and little pride of the Luo, the loyalty of the Kamba and the diversities of other tribal divisions. To acclaim our national pledge of standing in one accord.

We have to set out on a quest for humanity, and somewhere in the glittering horizon, we will see the glittering prize. Let us march forth with courage and determination, drawing strength from our common plight and our brotherhood (and sisterhood). In time, we shall be in a position to bestow upon Kenya the greatest gift possible- A more human face.

Dear Kenyans, be ye not misguided by politicians only after personal gain. Be not conformed to their schools of thoughts and their mis-informed political dogma. The oneness of our nation is at the heart of our culture.  WE ARE ONE! I CHOOSE TO STAND: WHOLLY, PURELY AND PROUDLY KENYAN, FOR THAT IS MY IDENTITY! D o you?


I have always been a Lover of Stories. They indeed are a healing art. My desire is that the bold strokes of my writing shall leave lasting impressions on the souls of my readers. That these stories will grow us as much as we grow them. It is an honour to be indulged in caring about words that have meaning, breathed into life via the labourious Love of a writer! Gracias!
  • John Kalya

    Indeed change is at hand, and only the people can deliver the change…nice read Luciey..