nyakundiFor as long as I can remember, my baby brother has always been interested in the beauty and mystery of martial arts. I specifically remember at age eight, his desire to fly to China and be a Kung-Fu Master. The battlefield is his world. He thrives in it. He lives and breathes it.  I thought it was cute. I still do. You should have seen his dramatic entreaties; the determined look on his face as he aimed kicks at imaginary opponents, lacing this with comical heroic battle-field cries. It was purely endearing.

Little boys have, etched deep within their souls, an innate desire to be Heroes of some sort. They engage in fights for the sake of locking muscle against muscle. They thrive in the arena, these gladiators of our time. Men of valor. It is in a man’s DNA. I dare say his birthright, actually. We can all agree that men have championed many great courses in ages past and even in our day. How privileged we are as women to be their mothers and wives, their daughters and sisters. Our greatest desire should be to see the Sons of our Motherland grow into the full promise of the vigor of manhood and the beauty of their virility.

It is therefore no surprise that Cyprian Nyakundi should so magnanimously offer himself as the self-appointed Vi-King, protector to the supposedly ‘under-attack’ manhood. And who are the supposed attackers and emasculators? We, the mothers of our sons. We, the wives of our husbands. We, the daughters of our fathers. We, the sisters to our brothers.

This portrait that Nyakundi has tried to paint to the entirety of the Kenyan Nation, on a rugged and dirty canvas, is pitiable and pathetic. I find it amusing and equally irritating that such a learned man should display the magnitude of his ignorance with such oriental lavishness, and dish it out with large doses of arrogance.

Someone should tell Nyakundi that feminism is the utter and complete belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. The belief in the ideal of men and women being social, political and economic equals.

Someone should tell Nyakundi that feminism does not seek to emasculate men nor look down upon the boy-child. How dare we disrespect our fathers? How do we emasculate our brothers? Haven’t you seen us building up our husbands? How can we look down upon the Sons of our Motherland? The gentleness of the feminine spirit allows us to give men an opportunity to prosper without emasculation.

So, I, like many other Kenyans who did not fall for his Save A Boy-Child Campaign scam, saw right through his mask into his phoniness. The boy child is safe and moving forward, and if any need to save him, I dare say that he cannot succeed by insulting the virtue of womanhood.

Nyakundi has consistently shown a contemptuous discrimination against women in general and kikuyu women in particular.

He has called us out as the daughters of single mothers who were taught materialism and independence. I quote “especially psychic mums who preach materialism to their daughters.”

And I say, PREACH ON. Gone are the days that women were stay-at-home mums and house wives, home keepers whose climax to a day was to welcome their husbands home with outstretched hands, asking for this or that. If our mothers have been there, done that, what is wrong with a mother wanting better for her daughter than she herself had? Gone are the days that women were told that aspiring for money and financial freedom was evil. Yes, our mothers and our fathers have taught us the beauty of independence, and it has grown a generation of women who are self-reliant, work with their husbands to reign in their dreams and contribute to economic growth.

We have been called out as having been encouraged to be Single Mothers. If only he knew the pride etched in a girl’s face at bringing her fiancé home! The pride in a parent’s face, that here is a man, not to complete her, but to complement her! It is a false allegation that our fathers are hostile and ready to turn away ardent admirers. It is also false that feminism is a bandwagon that hates on men and consists of a bunch of women who negate the need for men in their lives for whichever reason whatsoever. Someone should tell Nyakundi that some of us are feminists and hopeless romantics in equal measure.

We have been accused of being social misfits, slay queens and mpango-wa-kandos. Nyakundi should witness the exemplary womanhood of my mother. He should know the secrets to womanhood as learnt at my grandmother’s knee. He has no right to question the morals of an entire tribe, the morals of generations of women who have lived by the true virtue of womanhood. Women who have lived under their husband’s rule and command. Women who have brought up daughters worthy of being ladies. Women who have brought up sons that respect themselves and the women in their lives.

I feel insulted that he should make such nasty comments, in such foul vulgar language, to our generation of women.

What would Nyakundi tell his daughter? That she cannot aspire to be financially stable and independent as this is the aspiration to materialism of the feminazi, as he so contemptuously intones?

That she cannot aspire to be a top executive because backward-thinking people like him would assume and state on social network sites  that she slept her way up the Chain of Command?  Someone should tell Nyakundi that this is the 21st century, and we have women who have scaled to the helm of their dockets by pure merit.

Will he tell his daughter that, because life is bound to happen and she may find herself a single mother, it is contemptible to be one because she would become a cliché? A mere statistic?

How would he control his foul mouth when she has failed him? Would he resist to call her a bitch? a prostitute? a social misfit?

And should she be a strong and intelligent woman who desires to be empowered, would he call her a crazed fan that has joined the feminazi bandwagon?

How would Nyakundi raise his son? As a hard, unfeeling, cold and insensitive man so that he cannot be clichéd as those men who were “raised like women?”  I hate to imagine the damage that he would do to the young man. God forbid that he should succeed in  turning him into a misogynist of the Cyprian Nyakundi variety.

I have felt this incessant unrelenting need to call out Nyakundi on his misogyny, his vulgar language, his sole reliance on cheap trolls after riding on the backs of hardworking Kenyans, women to be exact and his misguided and uninformed perception of feminism.

Nyakundi is neither the real and raw deal nor the pioneer of the rights of the boy-child. He is a phoney, a fake Mona Lisa painting on a wall that can be spotted miles away.

I would love to turn the tables on him. I quote Nyakundi “wreaking many in a cheap pursuit of ratings”. It is paradoxical that he cannot see himself etched deep in the heart of his writing, writing exactly what he is.

Describing himself in CAPS to a T, he says, “Cheap narratives peddled by prostitute media, who can write anything when paid a few coins.”

Cyprian Nyakundi, “your hypocrisy is nauseating”.


I have always been a Lover of Stories. They indeed are a healing art. My desire is that the bold strokes of my writing shall leave lasting impressions on the souls of my readers. That these stories will grow us as much as we grow them. It is an honour to be indulged in caring about words that have meaning, breathed into life via the labourious Love of a writer! Gracias!
  • Mwangi Kaguku

    Enhe! I logged in, read and now analysing.

    Well, I will be back with my comments in a moment. Before then;

    I really need to understand the Genesis of Nyakundi’s campaign. Was it out of passion, a reflection on something, a rebuttal or where did it crop up? How far with the campaigns?

    Even so, I like your passion. I could feel you all over the piece.

    I will be back.

  • steve

    this post is just a pile of bullshit trying to sound intelligent

  • Eti Uthakima.

    Somebody trying to meet a deadline of one blog post per month. Upuzi tupu.

  • Domnic

    The truth is that, so many women has defined capitalism as the art of seeing opportunities in other people and materially so . If you spend a lot of time with your father as a man, he will tell you that a woman is a mirror of her own mother.

    It goes without saying that the boy child needs a little bit of incentive to be emancipated from the fangs of opportunistic and arrogant old women who use them as sex tools. It breaks so many hearts when you hear them invite them to “cougar ” parties.

    There’s a reason for our traditions and why women were never empowered, I cannot question the wisdom of my fore fathers, it’s probably the reason I was born. It’s good to be bitter and contemptuous and feel violated as a woman but as you do that, kindly remember some people refuse to be colonised by the western mentality and your description of feminism.

    Whatever it is, have fun. Some of us refuse to be blackmailed emotionally into thinking its wrong to point out ills propagated by women in our own society which we need to be in charge of by default.

    It’s just fine when you moan and cry wolf of cheating men and dead beat fathers and calling men “dogs ” shouting from all rooftops but it’s deviant to point out the wrong application of the feminine mentality and principles. How comic